Dear Pope!
                   Please protect our family, help us to be healthy, to do what we have to and don´át forget us. My daughter and I visited Rome last year and we were so happy when we saw you, just like you were in life. Thank you for everything you may do!!!

Helena Pirc.



Santissimo Padre, 
                             please pray for the Church throughout the World,  that the Word may be boldly proclaimed -- in thought, word and deed.  Please pray for the Servant of God John Paul, that he continue to receive strength from the Most High -- and pray that God may prepare the heart of his successor.  Lastly, Holy Father, please pray for us in our weakness that we may receive the grace to see the error of our ways, to do penance and cast off the chains of addiction, sin -- whatever barriers we place in the way of God's Love -- That we may arise and live as children of Light to live our Christian vocation!
Pace E Bene!

Gary Patrick



O most Holy Blessed John XXIII, great Vicar of Christ and Supreme Pontiff of Holy Mother Church, look down upon us struggling upon this earth, and, through your most gracious intercession, grant that we may not stumble or fall, and not forget of the love of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, but that we may one day enter His heavenly kingdom. 
Pray for us, O holy Blessed John XXIII, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!




Dear Pope,
Help my mother to be healthy, not to worry, to be safe, to be happy. Blessed John XXIII - pray for us, help, and don't forget us!
M.P. Argentina.



I ask for your help for the healling of my mother. Please help her, I love her and I can't see her suffering. I promise to announce God's goodness and to help all the people who need it.
Thank you,




Dear Blessed John,

Please pray for a Theresa Marie Schindler (Schiavo). Pray that her family will be granted custody to take care of their disabled daughter. Please protect her from her enemies. 

Florida USA



Heavenly Father, who, through the mandate of
Your Divine Son, did institute the gift of the
Papacy, and, through the overshadowing of Your
Holy Spirit, did choose Your servant,
Blessed John XXIII, to be the father of all Your
earthly children as successor to Peter,
Prince of the Apostles;

In His name, hear now our prayers on behalf of
TRAVIS CHUFF, Your son, given to the world as 
a gift of Your infinite goodness. Bring
him healing, grant him protection, and use
him to show forth Your glory.

May our prayers, in union with Blessed John XXIII,
give him the fullness of life and comfort his
family and friends. We ask all of these things
through Your Triune Majesty. Amen.



I want you please to pray for my mother's health. Don't forget us please, and help that everything will be better with her. Thank you!
M. Pirc.
Dear Fatther.



Please bless my family and send a prayer for my mother who is a big beliver and very handicapped.
Hope for a long and fruitful life for all of our family and the rest of the population in this world.
Stop fighting and start to live in harmony.
God bless all.
Kjetil Karlsen



Lord Jesus, may the successor of Pope John Paul II be elected by The Power of The Holy Spirit and may the anointing of Pope John Paul II be passed on to his successor.
Pray with us for the Catholic Church and a new revival of The Holy Spirit.
Pray that there may be a fresh wave of vocations to priesthood.
Pray for me please too. May the Good Lord, who knows my needs, grant me what I ask him.



Caro Papa Giovanni, Angelo Roncalli, help me to know and to do better what I have to do and do good things, I pray to help people who has less possibilities than the others and that no children cry no more for bad things. Help my Love Keti and her relatives and my family too and greet Strongly my grandfather and mother and aunt in the sky and my best friend who died young. Ciao amico mio, even if I live in another age I listen you near, 'cause I love simplicity and peace too, protect us and illuminates our mind for a better world. Love,



That our Blessed John XXIII, will open many hearts of what our Lord Jesus has done for all of us. I hope he will answer my Prayer in a special way and his blessing upon my all family. Blessed John XXIII hear my prayer and give me hope. Amen

God Bless You All.
Steve Candela


Za zdravje moje mame, prosim lepo, da ne bi bilo nic hudega. Molim zanjo. Pomagajte!!!
Marjana Pirc.



Blessed Pope John XXIII , I would like to ask you to pray for all the Church and above all for peace in these troubled days of ours.Let your protection be upon us always.

Dennis Mifsud.



I just want to tell you that i love you. My father died when i was very young and i ask you to be my spiritual father.The more i learn of you, the more i understand what a Gift you are to all humanity. Your tender care, especially for the vulnerable reveals the Catholic faith in all its beauty to the world. I look forward to your loving welcome when i return to our True Home. With love from one of your sons.




Querido Papa Juan, querido Papa bueno,
por favor, da salud a mi madre, a mi padre y a mi hermano. ruega e intercede ante el Padre por su bienestar, porque estén libres de mal. intercede por todos nosotros, para que haya "pacem in terris".




Drogi Janie XXIII;
pomódl sie za nasza parafie; o ozywienie ducha wszystkich, a szczególnie o znalezienie uczciwych pieniedzy na ocieplenie naszego kosciola. To bardzo kosztowne, prosze pomódl sie aby przedswiewziecie doszlo do skutku. Pamietaj tez o mnie, w wiadomej 
Bogu sprawie.




Blessed John, Hear my prayer for Wendy She has been given only a few more months to live if it be to the greater glory of God and lead to your Canonization Let her be compltely healed and may it be known that it was through your intercesion thank you



Dear Blessed John XXIII 
Bless me in this difficult time of my life. Pray for me so that I could deal with the despair and sadness that is in my life, heart and soul, Illuminate my thoughts so I can see and have a brighter future. Put in a good word for me up in heaven.

God bless all..

Jercilei S. Miranda.



Drogi Janie XXIII, prosze módl sie za mna w tych nadchodzacych, trudnych miesiacach. Daj poczuc swoje wstawiennictwo i bliskosc Chrystusa. Módl sie takze za moja rodzine.



Dear Pope John,
Pray that my Grand-daughter will have a change of heart and have my great-grand-son baptised into the faith

Papa Tom



Dear Blessed Papa, 
Please help me with my studies and that I am facing with a big stress. I began to be impressed by you, a peace maker this world and a reformer to our Church. I believe that we could each other in our prayers. 




My husband is having stomach problems, our grandson has pericarditis and all of our intentions. God bless you for offering these prayers for us.




Dear Father,
I was only 11 years old when you died. I remember watching the funeral in Rome on television. I think you were a fine pope and an inspiration to people around the world. I pray that your memory will help the new pope to be a balanced leader of his flock and not suffer from "tunnel vision." These are difficult times for the Roman Catholic Church, particularly in the western nations of Europe and North America. May you rest in peace.

Dennis O'Brien, USA



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII,
I would love to say a good word as you said once pleace pray for peace and for people to love each other and not to fight for things that can be solved with love. And please pray for people like me who suffers from brain tumor. 




Dear Good Pope John XXIII,
Even though I didn't witness your pontificate, my admiration to you will remain forever.Through your intercession, may you please help me to attain my goals in life, especially my career as the molder of the youth and the upcoming licensure examinations. May I find lasting happiness and peace in my mind. Please also intercede to our Father in Heaven my intestinal problem. May I will be healed through your blessed name. Thank you so much.




Please pray for my family and friends that they might be keep safe. May God bless them.



O Blessed John XIII,
Please guide Pope Benedict XVI through is papacy. Help him carry out important decisions.



Please keep Trish, having surgery on Aug. 3rd, Jan having physical about a spot on thyroid, next Wednesday, and Jim for test on spot on lung, heart problems might give a problem for surgery. They have all asked that you please remember them in your prayers because they know that you have prayed for me, and can see what prayer has done for so many by the warriors. One other request, Rod is having surgery on eye on Aug. 14th. You must know the comfort that you give these people knowing your thinking of them. God Bless and thank you being such a comfort to so many of my families and friends. Judy 
Please keep Rod in your prayers, having surgery on eye, last surgery was difficult to for recovery, thanks, and God bless Judy



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII,
May you and all the angels watch over my friends and family. May there be peace on earth.
Michael Vincent Peter Cetta



I am asking for prayers for my brother-in-law Scott who has extremely high blood pressure. He continues to have min-strokes, but is refusing to see a cardiologist.

I am also requesting prayers for our priest, Fr. Roland. He also has extremely high blood pressure. The doctors are unable to get it under control. His dad and one sister both did of a stroke.

Please also pray for Chris. He seems to be suicidal and has threatened to kill others. 
He is a high school teacher in charge of many students. Please pray for the safety of these students, his coworkers and the administrators.

Finally, please also pray for Chad. He was in a serious auto accident. The main artery to his heart (in his neck) was punctured.

Yours prayers are much appreciated.

Yours in Christ and Mother Mary,
Sharon H. Rodrigue



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII, 
pray for health and salvation for my beloved ones - Susan, Laszlo, Judit, Vera, Attila, Adriano, Louis and Rita!
Thank you



Please pray for my friend's grandson, Ross. He is a football player for the local Catholic high school. He is a free bleeder and was hit in the stomach. He is being rushed to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. 
PLEASE put him on your church prayer line and ask others to pray for him.

Thank you!



Dearest Holy Father,

Father, Thank you very much for inspiring me, touching me and for helping me know God. I was born a long time after you left the world to join with the Almighty Father yet your legacy still lives on and still touches lives. Thank you very much. Father please do continue to help me pray to God to show His mercy to me, to guide me, to still love and forgive me despite my sins, to change me, to heal me and to give me life, to give me the strength, the courage, the will and the determination to live in service to Him. Thank you very much...

Guan Keming



Drogi Papiezu Janie; pomódl sie za mnie aby Pan dal mi znak jesli nie powoluje mnie do zakonu



Dear Blessed John XXIII,
The monks of St. Gregory’s Abbey, Shawnee, OK, USA, pray for the cure of Br. David of his stomach cancer. We also ask for more vocations.
Thank you dear Holy Father!



Invocation To Blessed Papa Giovanni,

Papa please take this invocation and special prayer for Peace before the throne of God. This world needs to turn to Christ for Peace, to turn toward peaceful ways of reconciling issues and problems, to have the patience to reach the goal of peaceful solutions, instead of waging war.
Papa, to send down the knowledge of Peace and Understanding, and the Patience upon the leaders of every nation.


-Michael T. McIver-



Pope John XXIII
Please help me to turn my life around and be able to give peace to my family you the first pope that I remember as a child please pray for me and help me succeed at my new job. Jimmy Lopez



Greetings Pope John:

Would you and those who love you in prayer communities please, please,
please submit the following for prayer support as these issues are pretty
overwhelming and in need of prayer from folks who really love God and Mary
as I as sure you folks really do.

I pray for more than sufficient [degrees, qualities, depths, intensities,
pervasiveness, levels] of combined heroic and supernatural(ever increasingly
more joyful, more joyous, more joy filled, more confident, more inner and
interior peaceful (rooted IN rock foundation and totally impregnable
house) - for truly growing ever more deeply in: ((an unflinching, all
persevering, never failing)- ever increasing: [FAITH, confident HOPE,
CHASTITY, HUMILITY, MEEKNESS, Franciscan simplicity and littleness) that I
always seek)]. Especially during difficult times, (during times of despair,
depression, fatigue, loss of family, loss of friends, anxieties etc).

These together with ever increasing growth of trusting in, dependency upon,
reliance upon, leaning into, clinging to, hungering for, being propelled
ever more deeply into, and relating to almighty God , and falling ever more
deeply in love with Him & Mary (as my mother and queen) as my Abba daddy,
Father, (relating and loving Jesus as our lord, personal savior,
redeemer,master,messiah) relating to and loving the Holy spirit as
sanctifier, consoler, counselor, absolute yardstick of what constitutes the
absolute good, the absolute beautiful, the absolute truth.\

This together with infinite vast oceans of unceasing,incessant, unrelenting,
ever deepening and ever increasing growth in (combined heroic and
supernatural degrees of attractions towards, in longings, in desires, in
hungers, in cravings, in obsessions, in leanings and inclinations towards:
ever more increasingly truly embracing, inculcating, appropriating all of
these areas: (the supernatural and cardinal virtues - (most importantly
AND EUCHARISTIC LOVING SERVICES TO OTHERS), the spiritual and corporal works
of mercy and the beatitudes Thus so equipped in life so as to be able to
fully transform, to be able to fully effect all of the life giving, life
enhancing, life enrichening, life enlivening, interior and exterior radical
transformations & radical healings, conversions, growth in sanctity, change
of heart, (growth in clarity of vision & sightedness) (casting off and
shattering all of those chains, shackles, bondedness, entanglements, poisons
and pollutions of the world the flesh and the devil - that Sally and / or
Chuck pray for -for so many souls and situations throughout our entire
lives. Combined heroic & supernatural longings, desires & attraction towards
supernatural & cardinal virtues, the spiritual and corporal works of mercy
and the beatitudes forever.

Awesomely important - Please Blessed Mother - ask God to allow me to live
and to prosper spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically,
physiologically, psychically - during the loss of my parents. I pray that I
may not seek out the consolations, the comforts, the numbing effects of the:
world, the flesh, or the devil but rather cling, hunger, grasp and drive, be
propelled, be drawn, be dragged ever more deeply into the most sacred heart
of Jesus and the ImmaculateHeart of Mary during all such times of
difficulty, of anxiety, of worries, of fears, of despairs, of despondencies.

Thanks for your prayers and for submitting this to the shrine of our Lady,
Chuck & Sally Haddad



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII
I beg you to intercede for my son and obtain for him a miracle. He has suffered with cancer for just over 2 years. Every time he starts to improve he gets another problem and has been in and out of hospital for the past four months. He is so good - he never complains and is very positive in trying to overcome it and live longer as he has a 12 year old son who is his main concern. Please do what you can to cure him. I don't think I could bear to part with him as I know it would not just break my heart but my grandson's as well as they are both so very close. I know that miracles will be worked in your name before you are canonised and I know you will listen to my prayer. Thank you Blessed Pope John.



Papa Giovanni, please you will read my heart as my thoughts are too numerous to write.Today may it please the Lord that Barbie receive good news about the cancer which was removed 2/07/08. As for Trisha's pregnancy and complications I know you will intercede together with our Mother Mary for the health and safety of both mother and baby who through Divine Providence and your prayerful protection will be born June 3, 2008. And Papa, may my husband and the two of our children who stay away return to their Father's house. May the peace of Christ come to live in our hearts and realtionships with each other. Papa, thank you for your friendship to me, your love and guidance on my journey. Amen.



Dear pope,please help my family and my friends.



Dear pope, pray for me that I become a good priest, like you were. Ivica



Drahy sv. otec Jan XXIII, zverujem Ti starost o mladenca, za ktoreho sa casto modlime a prosime, aby aj na Tvoj prihovor bol oslobodeny od utlakov zleho a tiez aby bol uzdraveny na tele i na dusi. Ak je bozia vola aby sa stal z neho knaz, tak prosim oroduj za neho , nech bude z neho svaty knaz oddany Bohu celym svojim srdcom skrze Mariu nasu i Jezisovu matku.
Dakujem ti, ze tuzis pomahat vsetkym trpiacim, pretoze tvoje dobre srdce potrebuje nadalej rozdavat boziu dobrotu a sluzit ludom skrze tvoje modlitby a orodovanie.
Nech je vsemohuci Boh zvelebeny a oslaveny na veky vekov . Amen.



Blessed Pope John XXIII,
The Good Lord knows my needs and my desires. I ask for your intercession that I be faithful to His call. May I follow His way, and be obedient to Him. He knows my deepest desires, yet, even in my needs, I ask that He grant me the grace of trust. Thank you for your intercession.




Please pray for my daughter Julie. For years she has had one illness or another. Now it seems she is trying to punish herself. Her spinal cord is deteorating, but she will push herself to clean continuously or work at some other project that can wait. She is obsessive compulsive. She will not be able to sleep at night until she has completed certain chores. Most times it is housework all through the night. Now it is gardening. From what a can understand, she is into alcoholic coolers to help her back feel better while she is pushing herself. Twice recently she has fallen (in the early hours of the morning) and ended up going to hospital by ambulance. She will then be in bed for days. Her husband is beside himself. They have two young children, with most of the responsibility of them falling on him. Please pray this whatever this afflication that is driving her will be cured and she will be able to be a normal mother and wife.




Drahy Jan XXIII, moj naojblubenejsi papez.Vrucne Ta prosim o prihovor za moju rodinu.Mam ju velmi rada,no dlhe roky sa zmieta v problemoch. Prosim pros spolu so mnou,aby sa vsetky problemy uz definitivne vyriesili a my sme mohli viest konecne pokojny,rodinny zivot.Dakujem Panu Bohu za to,ze dal svetu takeho uzasneho papeza,akym si bol Ty,specialne dnes ked si Ta svata cirkev pripomina. Zaroven dakujem Panu Bohu,ze sa mi tento rok podarilo dostat do Vatikanu a moct stravit nejaky cas v Tvojej pritomnosti,bol to neuveritelne silny zazitok.Dakujem!!!



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII:
You know how much my mother loves you and has devotion to you. I ask for your intercession that she be healed of cancer and made whole. I know Pope John that there is a chance she will loose the loss of her eye sight. I ask for your intercession that she doesn't loose her eye sight and mobility. I also ask that you intercede for her that she be filled with peace. I place my love and trust in you Pope John and I pray that you will be made a saint soon.
thank you for your intercession.



Dearest Papa Giovanni, 
Papa, thank you for your love of God and love for the least of His people. Thank you for interceding on behalf of my niece Barbie Ann, who is now free of cancer for one year and engaged to be married. Thank you for interceding on behalf of my daughter Trisha throughout her difficult and complicated pregnancy which ended on June 21, 2008 with hemorraghing, an emergency c-section but with a miraculous and beautiful baby girl, Ana Therese now six months old and with the health of both mother and baby. Good Pope John, you have become a dear friend to me, I believe at the inspiration of my guardian angel and to you I speak often - you know my heart, my problems, the problems within my family. I write today with a heavy heart - heavy with concerns for my husband, our marriage, for my children and grandchildren but at this time also for my health, which has been under attack. I ask for your generosity once more, this time to intercede for restoration of my health. Please bring this sinner's plea to Mother Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and our mother, that she may as my mother intercede with her divine Son for me. I believe Jesus loves me and wants me to be healed. I ask that whatever obsctacles there may be to this to be removed so that once well I may live for Christ as is His will for me. It is my heart's desire to come to Rome to visit you at your tomb and to thank you in person for your help in my regard. With our Lord to provide the money for the trip I eagerly anticipate that wonderful day.

Thank you my friend in Christ Jesus,



Dearest Friend of Jesus Christ the King, dear blessed Good Pope John, I sent you this prayer request two days ago: Dearest Good Pope John, I come to you about Ana Therese, Trisha & Anthony's baby girl. The doctors diagnosis and prognosis about her eyes are not good but God is good. I ask you to take this request for healing of Ana Therese to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & together, please both of you bring this plea for Ana's eyes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose love will heal us all. Thank you my friend. I bless Ana with your relic and thank God for your love & intercession. When Ana is healed I promise to write back immediately in thanksgiving for your intercession with Jesus and His Sacred Heart. Amen Amen. Ana's grandma, patricia Today one of Ana's doctors saw other signs and told my daughter that her baby Ana Therese may have a brain tumor and tests are being scheduled. Papa, good Papa, I prayed to you when Trisha couldn't get pregnant and blessed her with a third class relic of you, I prayed to you when her pregnancy became complicated with problems and blessed Trisha again with your relic, I come to you now for the healing of this baby Ana Therese. I blessed little Ana with your relic. I will continue to do so. Blessed Pope John, Ana was conceived on the Feast of St Francis 2008, she was baptized on the Feast of St Francis 2009. Good Pope John, through your intercession and that of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, please place Ana inside Jesus' Sacred Heart and I know she will be healed. AMDG. Ana's grandma, patricia



Dear Blessed Pope John pray for the salvation of all my family .Please especially pray for the protection of all my nieces and nephews and for my brother for healing .Please I ask you pray that I may know my vocation soon and may I accept and live it with joy.Thank you so much.I am counting on your prayers Colleen



Dear Blessed John 23 Intrusions For Ant Lisa how Very sick God bless 
James Cuomo From Ny



Blessed Angelo Roncalli, be with us in our work. May we imitate your faithful service to Jesus Christ and His Church. Help us, holy patron , to carry out the Lord's command: "Go and teach all nations!'' Like you, may we seek strength from the Lord in our difficulties and give Him thanks for His blessings! O Lord, hear our prayer: Through the intercession of Blessed Angelo Roncalli, bless and watch over our school. May all we say and do be modeled on the example of our holy patron and bring glory to Your Name and blessings to Your people. Amen



Blessed John XXIII, please help me in all that I do, for the Lord. Give me health, and help me to be a good and holy priest like you. Amen



Blessed John XXIII: In 150 days, I am scheduled to be ordained a Permanent Deacon in the United States. I ask your intercession that I may be faithful to the Great Council which you called, its teachings, its ideals, and its renewal within Tradition. May I also serve the People of God as you served as Pope, showing love to all, showing great patience, and criticizing little. I pray to God on your behalf that I may see you elevated to Sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church you served so well. Sincerely, Michael



Dearest Papa Giovanni XXIII, Oh, happy day is today, your Feast Day in heaven, June 3, 2011. You remain my good friend in heaven and intercessor for our needs while we are here on eath. My grandaughter, Ana Therese, is making good progress with her eyes and development. Praise and thanksgiving to God. And thank you to you for your help Papa. On this your feast day, I ask you with confidence to intercede for my daughter Monica who is in much pain and will be having gynecological surgery soon. I recommend her to you. She is a young mother of two little girls who need their mommy. Together with our dear Mother Mary, please intercede for the full restoration of Monica's health and also spirit. Thank you Papa. Papa, my marital situation has not improved but rather has deteriorated further and I continue to ask you for help. I beg a miracle. I know from heaven miracles are but a kiss from Jesus. Please tell Jesus we are bambinis in need of His healing touch. Forever in gratitude for your continued good example and help, patricia



Please kind pray for a young boy who is addicted to drugs and who was clan for more than 4 years and now had a serious relapse, that God may touch his heart and grand him the grace to recognize his weakness and accept the necessary help and start again and the good. Thank you



Dear John XXIII, I ask You to pray for my sister Jola. She is 35 and out of work. She has been working for a very short time during her life and still depends financially on her parents. She is good – educated but psychologically very very weak and irresponsible. Let your prayer make her responsible so that she will resist upon yourself and God and help her to open for God's mercies and Holy Spirit's gifts. Intercede for her to find permanent job and her place in life and to forgive other people their wrong deeds. We have been praying for her for many years and we cannot see results….Please help us! Rush to the aid of her! Monika



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII – I pray for your continued intercession on behalf of my friend’s brother, Stephen. Since I began praying for your help last February, his cancer has been arrested and for that I am profoundly grateful. I pray that you continue to look kindly upon him and his family and would also ask that pray for me as well. Amen



I am seeking urgent prayer for a friend of mine Mick–male and Catholic who is embarking on a sex change.He is an extremely wounded person who I think has experienced a great deal of rejection in his life. Would you please join me in praying for his healing , deliverance and deeper conversion and for wisdom and compassion from those around him.Thank you Colleen Australia



Dear Blessed Pope John XXIII, please pray for an unborn baby girl, Kyra Faith Spencer. Doctors have given up hope and assume she will only live for five days after natural birth. Please pray to our Heavenly Father that he will perform a great mircle and heal this precious baby girl to be born in only a month. It is our sincere hope that this will be the mircale that will further your cause for canonization!!! Love, Marilyn



Blessed John XXIII, Good Pope John ~ I ask that you intercede on my behalf for a rash mistake I made, of which I am truly sorry, and that you intercede on our parish's behalf, seeking much needed calm for two good, but hurt people who cannot see that the people they hate now are actually the people who bent over backwards for them. Please intercede, Blessed John, with the Prince of Peace for calm and peace here in our parish. Amen.


Dear blessed pope Jon 23
intrusions For mitchelle Lusis Graziloile How very sick .
 How is need Miracles .From James Cuomo From stanten island Ny.God bless


Please Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Patrick Keena, Conchita Gonzalez's husband, who passed away up in New York this morning after a courageous battle with cancer.  As most of you know, Conchita is one of the visionaries from San Sebastian de Garabandal.  Prayers have been going for the intervention of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to assist during these trying times for the family.  Blessed Teresa is the Godmother of Patrick and Conchita's third daughter, Anna Maria. Rest in peace, Patrick.  Please also Pray for Conchita, her children and their loved ones.
Tom & Susan Melillo


Loving Jesus
Thank you lord for loving us extremely and make more close to your altar and your mission, We surrender ourself with all our family members to your loving heart. Loving lord bless our family with atleast 6 children and give strength to grow them in your spirit ands wisdom. We ask this through your loving servant Papa Giovanni 23.  Prayers,
Anto L puthur


Oh Blessed Pope John, pray for me and for my colleagues at work whose future is uncertain.  If we do get made redundant, please help us to find a new job quickly, that we may not be plagued by unemployment.


Dearest Pope John XXIII,
I remember when you were selected as our “Papa”.  I remember what you did to help the ordinary Catholic participate more in the glory of our Lord.  I humbly pray that you ask our Lord Jesus to help my son get employment that will sustain until he is able to retire.  In addition, I also ask that you ask our Lord Jesus to place his hand on the cyst found in my grandson’s ankle to heal it.  I know I ask a great deal but our Lord hears your pleas.  Please intercede for me and my children.  Thank you
Your servant, Helen













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