Suor Caterina Capitani miracolata da Papa Giovanni XXIII

Sister Caterina Capitani miracled by Pope John XXII. In May 1966 Sister Caterina Capitani was dying. The doctors who had subjected the nun to fourteen interventions despaired of being able to save her. Instead an apparition of Pope John brings her back to new life. A "scientifically inexplicable" healing that allows women to live a "super-normal" existence. Care for the sick of a Sicilian hospital.

"Now don't worry, it's all over. You are fine, you have nothing left ».
It was May 25, 1966 when Sister Caterina Capitani of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul heard these words while she was admitted to the hospital of the Navy of Naples. It was Pope John who appeared to the nun who spoke to her standing beside the bed.

The nun was dying. After fourteen operations, during which important organs had also been removed, the doctors had thrown in the towel and were now resigned to the inevitable. The doctors, but not the religious and the sisters who with faith continued to pray to the Pope from Bergamo to intercede. And it was the miracle. It was 2.40 pm and Sister Caterina, suddenly feeling healed, to everyone's amazement, asked for something to eat. The Medical Council of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, with a unanimous vote, in April 1999, defined that healing as "inexplicably scientific".

Suor Caterina Capitani miracolata da Papa Giovanni XXIII

Sister Caterina Capitani miracled by Pope John XXIII Today, 34 years after that miracle, with a stomach as big as an apricot and without taking medicine, Sister Caterina normally eats every dish 

Suor Caterina Capitani miracolata da Papa Giovanni XXIII

Providence brings to the table and works by assisting the sick San Giovanni di Dio hospital in Agrigento. The room where the prodigy took place has become a place of prayer and devotion: a decision strongly desired by the high officers of the Navy and appreciated by all. And a piece of that room, a fragment of the tile where Pope Roncalli put his feet, Sister Caterina Capitani keeps it as a relic: like the memory of a continuous and living presence.

"Of course I always feel close to him - said the nun in an interview with the major newspaper of Bergamo - is always my guide. The miracle lies not only in being healed, but above all in continuity. He assists me daily, I could not humanly live as alive and have a great activity, with a normal and I would say super-normal life, despite the numerous interventions and the removal of important organs ».

Sister Caterina Capitani miraculously cured by Pope John XXIIIf the history of the religious rose to the headlines because the miracle was an integral part of the beatification cause of the Bergamo pontiff, another prodigious healing had been examined by the Congregation: that of Giovanna Laterra Majore di Chiaromonte Gulfi, a town located about a hundred kilometers from Ragusa. In 1967 the woman was 54 years old and from 23 she could not move out of bed due to abscesses that had progressively affected her throughout the body from the age of 9 years. His toes had shrunk and he could not walk. Her condition worsened visibly and in May 1967 she was given extreme unction.
"I fell into a coma - the woman said in an interview - I saw Pope John and a little later I woke up healed."








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